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Preston Bailey

(Globally-celebrated one of the world's premiere event designers )

"Ivory Morgan-Burton, CEO of Storybook Events is professional, honest and she has vision. I expect greatness from her."

Ivory is professional, honest and she has vision. I expect greatness from her!

Tim Bostic

I am a big believer in the idea that when you have a goal, you should plan your work and work your plan. However, when it came to planning our wedding, we had no idea how to even begin. We were so concerned with obtaining the right to marry that we had not put any thought into the actual event itself.
From our very first meeting, she made it clear that she was here to facilitate our event so that we could enjoy our special day and make it everything we had ever dreamed. While we were going to forgo some of the fun things that go along with planning a wedding, Ivory insisted that we have the whole experience. She took us to a variety of vendors to look at linens and tableware. We went cake tasting. She even organized a really special day for all of the female attendants who came to town to pick out dresses. She coordinated with all of the male attendants so that we could get fitted for our tuxedos together, and she made that a special evening as well. Throughout each of these experiences, Ivory’s gentle hand was there to encourage and guide us. She helped us understand how one decision affected the next, and she would constantly remind us of the budget that we were working with. No matter how worked up or spun out of control we became, she would constantly remind us that she was here for us. Even when I tried to insist that once the reception started the day needed to be about our guests, she insisted that we had worked too hard to make this dream a reality and that the day was about us.
If you are looking for someone who will listen to you and guide you, then look no further than Ivory Morgan-Burton and her team at Storybook events. We can say without reservation that without Ivory, our day would have been extremely stressful, and we know that the millions of little things that needed to be handled would have fallen on us. While we did not know how to plan our work or work the plan, Ivory and her team did. Thus, we will be eternally grateful to Ivory and her team for giving us such a precious gift—a perfect day that will live in our memories for as long as we both shall live.


Ivory knows her stuff and is one of those perpetually happy people you want to always have around! She is one of the most ethical persons I have ever seen when it comes to doing business with clients and associates, and it generous to a fault in providing help, assistance, a helping hand not only to her clients, but even to her competition when they reach out and need a little assistance. Her part as the Creative Brain behind "The Wedding Planner Magazine" has boosted the publication beyond it's wildest expectations, as well as propelled advertising participants to new heights of branding and recognition. If you need a certified floral designer, a decades of experience planner for not only weddings, but corporate and non-profit (charity) events, Ivory Morgan-Burton, Owner/CEO, of Storybook Events will be a professional you CAN NOT do without.

Micheal & Carina Bethea

"Ivory and her associates are true professionals and lovely people to work with!
Ivory is truly selfless individual. Not only that, she is extremely talented and professional. Her leadership as a minister and officiant is matched by her caring, motherly spirit. She's a fantastic planner who also has a special eye for floral artistry. I've worked with her on numerous occasions and look forward to working with her again!"

Michael Leigh Harrington

"Ivory thank you for the perfect wedding! Four months ago when we met with you for the first time you took my magazine photos and ideas and made my wedding a true "story book" day. It was the best night of my life. You made everything flow so smoothly and took all the stress away. I enjoyed my day to the fullest. The décor was out of this world - WOW! I have only been married for two days and I continue to receive comments on how beautiful you pulled together the most elegant wedding I have ever been to! I can't thank you enough for what you have done. I will never forget it for the rest of my life. Now I know why you call your company "Story Book"! Thank you Thank you Thank you!"

David Schmidt & Miles Cherkascky

"Great staff, great companyIvory was just incredible!! Yesterday, Ivory married my Partner and I of 29 years. Ivory performed the most beautiful, caring, loving Ceremony I could ever imagine and we were so blessed it was created especially for us!! All of our guests were commenting on how BEAUTIFUL our Ceremony was. I would recommend Ivory to everyone!! She bought "class" and charisma to our awesome event!! Thank you Ivory for making our day so special and memorable!! Love you!!"

Jackie Marotta Ameduri

I can't begin to say how much I appreciate Ivory and her entire Storybook Events team!! I came to Ivory with no set plans or budget as to what me and my husband wanted. The only request was that we wanted to have something fun, not very traditional, for our family to enjoy. Not only did Ivory plan all the little details of our wedding (flowers, favors, decor), she officiated our marriage and we honestly couldn't have anyone better! In the short time we've known Ivory, she made our wedding personal to her, not "just another marriage". Our family was so happy with the way our ceremony went! My husband and I couldn't have asked for a better day, a more gorgeous venue, reception or a better coordinator!! Ivory and Storybook Events are definitely the people for your next event in Hampton Roads!!


Ivory and her team are fantastic. Honest, creative and determined to see to our last detail. We were told our Christmas Company Gala would be picture perfect. It was. I never doubted our business gala would be anything but great. Thanks to Storybook Events, our company is still getting raves. We will continue to do business with Storybook Events as they decorate and design for our offices each month.

Dr. O

I would recommend Storybook Events for any event. Not just for weddings or birthdays but anytime you are wanting your event to be the way you want it. You can expect Storybook Events to make it happen. As wanting an anniversary celebration and looking for the best to do it, I was not disappointed but found they exceed all my expectations. They are truly professional and attentive to every detail


I am still looking for a word bigger than awesome. Our party was great and the decor, flowers were wonderful. Just exactly what I had imagined and more. Ivory really got into my head bringing all my ideas alive and working. When I was told I would have all my wishes come true-I thought ok-we'll see. But the smile on my face even now as I think about it; well all my wishes did come true. They are "off the page". I love Storybook Events!!!

R & M

Taking a look at the pictures on Storybook Events information; I thought compared to others, are they really going to be good? After all pictures are suppose to be worth a thousand words and they did give information for the pictures. So I decided that the consultation unlike others was free making the decision a little bit easier. Meeting my wish consultant was funny and reward with ideas that were really different and able to be made into a budget I could afford. Since I was paying for everything. Needless to say after the first couple of minutes I knew that this was the company to pick. I canceled all other appointments and the wedding I had was great. Best part it was paid off by the time we walked the aisle. Which is what my wish consultant said should be the way to start marriage without additional debt. They made everything affordable and just for us. Storybook uses a lot of terms because of their company name. I think the one, "don't judge a book by its' cover" is especially appropriate for what was great for our wedding. Thank you Storybook Events for coming through for us.


Storybook events did the entire setup for decorations for my wedding. I didn't need anything other than the beautiful arrangements that Mrs. Ivory Morgan-Burton created, delivered, and setup for my very special day. Of all of the choices I made for people to entrust this once in a lifetime experience in, this was one of my very few top choices! It is hard to find those that actually care about what they do for people in this business. I found many of those I hired to have been unfortunate choices. I would definitely recommend this business to anyone for a Once Upon a Time!


They were absolutely amazing...They Made an ugly room magnificent...I got way more than I expected!!! They were wonderful to work with and went over and above board for me. I felt special. I wish I could post some pictures of the work that was done. I chose silk flowers and they made them look real.


Storybook Events were great! They were very professional and on time like they said they would be. The decorations for my wedding were so beautiful. Everything was perfect. I didn't tell her much but she knew exactly what I wanted.:) I was so so pleased!


We were married on the spirit of Norfolk and I will say this...when my husband and I saw the reception area, it brought tears to our eyes. The top deck didn't even look the same.... It was beautiful, exactly what we were looking for!


I was very blessed to have Ms. Ivory do our wedding flora. It looks amazing and awesome. Ms. Ivory is truly blessed with many skills and I am very honored that she has done our wedding flora. She is the sweetest, genuine, warm-hearted, caring, understanding, loving, and cooperative person. We went with silk flowers and Ms. Ivory had them completed/delivered a month prior to the wedding date (September, 2011). I just adore, love, and admire her so much. I would highly recommend Ms. Ivory for all of her gifted talents and especially to do floral arrangements for any occasions. She is awesome & her work AMAZING!!!!


One word to describe my venues after Storybook Events was finished...AMAZING!!!! Ms. Ivory was able to make my vision of our perfect day a reality. My guests were so impressed with the rose garden theme and I felt like true princess on our wedding day. She really listened to what I wanted and was able to work within my budget. Ivory is truly passionate about what she does and goes above and beyond to make her story book brides beyond satisfied. I have found a florist for life!


I always go with my gut when making important decisions. Ivory was the first wedding officiant my husband and I met with, and we both knew immediately the she was the right person to choose to marry us. From the beginning, she was extremely helpful and supportive. When I felt stressed or upset, she never failed to lift me up and make me feel better. Her extensive experience, and her loving nature made our wedding day absolutely perfect! I can't thank her enough.

Sara J.

Mike and I never got the chance to thank you for everything that you did for us! The ceremony was perfect... from what we can remember! 🙂 Everyone had complimented you on what you had done, and it was awesome! Again, thank you SO much for helping make our day absolutely perfect.

Pamela Gillinger

When we booked our wedding on the Spirit of Norfolk they provided a vendor list and thank goodness  Storybook Events was on that list. Living in Richmond and having the wedding in Norfolk could have been difficult but thanks to Miss Ivory it was so easy we just showed up and got married. The Flowers in the bouquets and table arrangements were Gorgeous!! And the ceremony was beautiful as Ivory was our officiate she got to know us and it was very personalized .It was a perfect wedding and i highly recommend Storybook Events.


I had the privilege of having Storybook Events to help with my daughter's wedding. They did the flowers, decorated the church, and the reception room that was off sight from the church. My daughter and I were so impressed that we were almost in tears. I'm telling you, the church was so beautiful that my guest kept thanking me for inviting them. Storybook Events is certainly the right name for this business because they really make your dreams come true. We told them what we wanted and they went beyond the call of duty to get it done. Our guest is still talking about how beautiful everything were, and the reception area, oh wow! When my daughter walked in she looked around, looked at me, smiled and was amazed at how beautiful the place was. This is the company you want for your events.

Lyne Swimpson

I used Storybook Events for my wedding day and everything turned out beautifully. Unlike most brides, I was planning a wedding half way across the country in California and never met Ivory (the owner) until the day of our wedding. However, she made me feel like we were in the same state. She was in constant contact with me throughout the whole process by sending me pictures and answering my many questions that I had, no matter how many times a Storybook Events definitely aims to please and they did just that! From the hors d'oeuvres table to the church everything was exactly what I'd envision for our special day. Reasonable prices, courteous staff and amazing results!!!!! Highly recommended!

Yvette Williams

I have had the pleasure of working with Ivory on many occasions business to business. Her work with permanent botanicals is phenomenal. She is a creative, honest and fair individual who thinks out of the box to accommodate her clients wants and needs based on their budget. Tight budget to no budget at all, it is not a problem for her. She thrives on the thrill of the challenge. This gets her creative juices g-o-i-n-g! As your wish consultant, your wish is her command. She is a jewel. It is rare to work with someone like Ivory, who is a business associate, mentor and who you call a friend.

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