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Bold Journey Meets Ivory Morgan-Burton

BoldJourney Article | Published August 11, 2023

Article Excerpt

We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Ivory Morgan-Burton. We hope you’ll enjoy our conversation with Ivory below.

Hi Ivory, thanks for sharing your insights with our community today. Part of your success, no doubt, is due to your work ethic and so we’d love if you could open up about where you got your work ethic from?

My work ethic comes from having God as my CEO. Fairness, honesty, integrity leads me to never take the shortcut or do the job without a spirit of excellence. The foundation of business and having a great work ethic also comes from my mother. Watching her with her businesses and code of conduct. Her word was impeccable and I learned that no matter how many contracts were signed, true business was your word. Keeping it and standing by it. When I was a child most business was conducted by men, I didn’t know very many women that owned their own brick and mortar business. I would hear my mother on the phone and within a hour or two the product or services she need were on the way. Done by a phone call, payments were always made with her keeping her word. I was told the other day when a vendor I was working with had difficulty with receiving a payment from me electronically as their system wasn’t working properly. “I am not worried about you paying me, I know you will”. Back up with a check in the mail was sent. Want to work, whether it is for yourself or another. Be fair, remain honest and do it to the very best of your ability. Take pride in your skills and abilities. They set you apart.

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