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Tim Bostic

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Tim Bostic

I am a big believer in the idea that when you have a goal, you should plan your work and work your plan. However, when it came to planning our wedding, we had no idea how to even begin. We were so concerned with obtaining the right to marry that we had not put any thought into the actual event itself.
From our very first meeting, she made it clear that she was here to facilitate our event so that we could enjoy our special day and make it everything we had ever dreamed. While we were going to forgo some of the fun things that go along with planning a wedding, Ivory insisted that we have the whole experience. She took us to a variety of vendors to look at linens and tableware. We went cake tasting. She even organized a really special day for all of the female attendants who came to town to pick out dresses. She coordinated with all of the male attendants so that we could get fitted for our tuxedos together, and she made that a special evening as well. Throughout each of these experiences, Ivory’s gentle hand was there to encourage and guide us. She helped us understand how one decision affected the next, and she would constantly remind us of the budget that we were working with. No matter how worked up or spun out of control we became, she would constantly remind us that she was here for us. Even when I tried to insist that once the reception started the day needed to be about our guests, she insisted that we had worked too hard to make this dream a reality and that the day was about us.
If you are looking for someone who will listen to you and guide you, then look no further than Ivory Morgan-Burton and her team at Storybook events. We can say without reservation that without Ivory, our day would have been extremely stressful, and we know that the millions of little things that needed to be handled would have fallen on us. While we did not know how to plan our work or work the plan, Ivory and her team did. Thus, we will be eternally grateful to Ivory and her team for giving us such a precious gift—a perfect day that will live in our memories for as long as we both shall live.

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