Storybook Events Wedding Coloring Books

IMG_0453 (1) Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.09.01 PMAs a planner, I am always looking to plan weddings that are unique, different, adding that something that makes a couples wedding standout and be remembered by their family, friends and guests. I am proud to offer not one, but three coloring books that have been designed for adding an element that will truly customized your wedding. Each one is designed specifically for the couples they are meant for. A few of the pages to color have been added to allow you to see what a Storybook Events Wedding Coloring Book contains.

We have one that is for brides and grooms!

Another just for same sex grooms!

And one just for same sex brides!

As the owner of Storybook Events, all my staff and the vendors I team with believe in allowing each person the freedom of choice. Love is unconditional, we accept and love all couples. That is why Storybook Events is ally to the LGBT community.


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